Alaska Bound Part 1

Posted By on August 21, 2009

Alaska is a fly fisherman’s utopia.  The wide range of species available for anglers to catch on the fly is among the highest of any destination for cold-water species.  Even better are the trophy size fish that you encounter here.  I don’t miss the 7 days a week guiding in Alaska, but I do miss the beautiful scenery and amazing fishing.  When I was guiding in Alaska back in 2006, I don’t think I’ve ever experienced more the true feeling of living than those 4 1/2 months I spent in the Bristol Bay area guiding.  The closest way to describe it was utopia or my fly fishing dreams I have on a regular basis fly fishing exotic uncharted trout waters.  Its one of my proudest moments as a fly fisherman to have fished these godly waters.

Check out this fly fishing video on a remote headwater stream in Alaska.  I think you’ll get a better understanding of what I got to experience, and It might encourage you to make a trip out there.  I totally recommend doing it sooner than later.

Let me know what you think guys.

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4 Responses to “Alaska Bound Part 1”

  1. Wish I coulda done that one with you man, I envied you for that. Lifetime experience.

  2. Chris,

    Same here man. It would have been fun to have you along for the experience.


  3. I’ve done several similar trips to this Simms video. 10 day wilderness floats. 5 species of salmon, 100 14 to 16 inch grayling on drys in a day, 30 to 40 22 inch plus bruiser rainbows a day. All the char you can stand to catch. Day after day. I just cant ever imagine a more spectacular fishery.

    Let me know when you want to put a trip together. The more remote the better.


  4. Bo,

    Glad to hear you’ve experienced the Alaska fishing first hand. It’s an awesome place, that’s for sure. I’m all about putting together a group trip to Alaska for next season. We’ve got a lot of options on where to go and fish, and I’d like some feedback. Off the top of my head is Alaska West. They run one of the best fishing operations in the Bristol Bay area.

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