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Posted By on February 3, 2009

I’m not posting this gear review to state Scott Fly Rods are superior to all other fly rods on the market.  However, they are the fly rods that I choose to personally fish with, provide for my clients, and recommend to anglers getting into the sport.  The purpose of this post is to give you my honest feedback on the different Scott rod lines I choose to fish and why.

First off, before I get into details on the rods I want to say I really like the fact that Scott Fly Rods are made 100% in the United States.  With our country’s current economic status and trade deficits I really appreciate a company dedicated to building product in house.  Bottom-Line, I’d like to see more fly fishing manufacturers follow their lead.

The two main Scott rod lines I choose to fish are the S4 series and the G2 series.  Each day I decide on which rod line I’ll use depending on the type of water I’ll be fishing, my clients experience level, and the type of flies and techniques that’s going to be used for the day.  Below you’ll see a breakdown of why I choose each line to best suit my needs on the water.

G2 Series

In simplistic terms, I choose the G2 series when I know I’m going to be guiding novice fly anglers, primarily using a dry/dropper rig, or targeting spooky fish on technical water.

I choose the Scott G2 series for novice anglers because of the medium action.  I truly feel it’s much easier to teach fly casting to newcomers with a rod that has a slower action.  In my opinion, this type of action makes it easier for my clients to feel the rod loading.  In turn, they pick up the casting stroke much quicker than me trying to teach them with a fast action rod like the S4 series, that’s harder to feel load with a beginner’s skill level.

If I know I’ll be stowing away the strike indicators, BB split shot, and heavy streamers for the day to fish with a dry/dropper rig I’ll usually choose to pack up the G2 series.  The G2 is a dry fly fisherman’s dream come true.  Bottom-line, the rod does a great job of presenting your fly accurately and delicately.  Having these qualities in the rod allows my clients to have a higher success rate in hooking up with spooky fish because the presentation cast is able to be laid out nice and soft on the water.

Now, I’m not saying the G2 is only good for dry fly fishing.  I’ll personally use it for all techniques in fly fishing and it performs fine.  However, I’m not a beginner and because of that there are tmes when I’ll choose to leave this rod line at home and pack the S4 series.  If you’re an angler that prefers a medium action rod over a fast action rod I would recommend going with one weight size larger than you would normally.

As far as what weight rod I would recommend for the G2 series for trout fishing here are my suggestions.  If you live out West or anywhere where you can get away with fishing big attractor or hopper patterns I would choose a six weight rod.  This is especially true if you’re in an area where windy conditions are the norm.  However, if you live in the East like I do, I really like the five weight.  I generally fish small to average size dry flies, and windy conditions normally are not a daily occurrence.

Basically, in my opinion, I feel like the G2 rods run a little on the light side as far as the weight and feel.  A six weight is like a strong five weight, and a five weight is like a strong four weight.  It is important to note that I’ve not cast every weight rod in this rod line.  As far as I know, the G2 three weight could cast exactly like a true three weight should feel and cast.  Generally with all fly rod brands there is a little variation in action and feel between rod weights.  This is because everyone has their own idea of what a particular rod weight should feel like.  One thing’s for sure, Scott nailed down the perfect technical fishing action in the G2 series rod and that’s why I use it in my arsenal of gear.

S4 Series

In simplistic terms, I choose the S4 series when I know I’m going to be guiding intermediate to advanced fly anglers, primarily fishing tandem nymph rigs and streamers, or fishing in windy conditions.

The S4 series is a fast action rod and is able to handle casting heavily weighted flies and windy conditions with ease.  For anglers who fish all sizes of water and want a great all around rod, it’s hard to go wrong with the S4 series.  It’s plenty capable of fishing dry flies to streamers and the fast action allows you to deliver long casts in windy conditions.  I particularly like the S4 series with beginners when I know I’ll be fishing a tandem nymph rig most of the day.  It seems to be much easier for them to roll cast and lay out a leader straight with a heavy rig.

As far as what weight rod I would recommend for the S4 series for trout fishing here are my suggestions.  From my casting experience with the S4 series I find the weight of the rods to be matched very accurately.  A five weight rod feels like a true five weight.  So choose your rod weight according to the area you fish.  I will say, that I like the S4 six weight for having the sufficient rod action to cast above average streamers on floating line in low water, and it really excels when fishing heavy tandem nymph rigs on big rivers in windy conditions.

Before I finish I’d like to touch base on the problems with the older S3 series that was replaced by the S4 series.  When the S3 series originally was introduced a few years back there was a problem with the graphite being very fragile.  Many anglers, including myself, had problems with the rod tips breaking.  Don’t make the mistake of judging Scott Fly Rods quality solely by this single line.  The problems have been addressed and the design team has completely eliminated this problem.  The new S4 series is superior in every element to the older S3, and I’ve not had any problems with the rods breaking.  Believe me, my clients and I have put them through a rigorous work out and they have passed with flying colors.

Next time your in a fly shop ask to cast these Scott Fly Rod lines.  I’m confident you’ll be very pleased with them and choose them for your rods of choice on the water.  For more information about Scott Fly Rods, feel free to visit their website at

For my local clients looking at casting or purchasing a Scott Fly Rod you can visit The Fish Hawk in Atlanta, GA.  The Fish Hawk Team are all very competent on these fly rod lines and friendly.

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13 Responses to “Scott Fly Rod Reviews”

  1. Hi there. Thanks for your reviews on the Scott fly rods. I’m thinking about getting a Scott after recommendations from others. I was curious if you’ve had the chance to cast the new A3? I’m an intermediate fly fisher and the rod I currently use is the Echo Classic 5wt. I’m thinking of an upgrade and am looking for something reasonably priced and had heard good things about the A3. I would greatly appreciate it if you could let me know what you thought. Thanks for the help.

  2. Glenn,

    I’ve briefly cast the A3 from the Southeast Sales Rep., James Buice, and I thought it was definitely worth the money. I totally think it’s a better rod than the Echo. I also like that it’s made in the USA.

    Would I fish it over the S4 or G2? No, probably not, but I would have it for a back up rod for the price point. The lifetime warranty is great and overall its a great all around rod for fishing dries to streamers. However, if you like the action of the A3, I’d seriously consider spending a little more money and getting the S4.

    If the price is out of your range, then I’d pick up the A3.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Sweet, Kent. Thanks for the Scott love. Great looking site! Keep up the amazing work.

    I agree, the A3, best rod for the money out there.

  4. I enjoyed your reviews on Scott fly rods. I think you are right on the money except that I don’t feel that you need to go up a weight on the G2. I fish the G2 9′ 5wt in all conditions (small flies, large flies heavy rigs and in windy conditions) and it does it all. SInce I live out west, the wind is a fact of life and the G2 performs well. I also own a Scott STS 9′ 5wt for my fast action rod that I have had for over 12 years and have never felt the need to upgrade that rod – it is awsome. My 4 wt is a 9′ A2 which is an incredible rod for the money and sometimes, I think of it as my favorite stick. I also have an old G series 3 wt which could be the funnest rod on the planet. You can probably tell I love scott rods. I did get my son a 9′ 5wt for Xmas and am very jealous of that rod as it is the best rod on the market today.

    I will qualify this with the fact that I started out with Loomis and St. Croix many years ago. My first good stick was a loomis IMX in a 4 wt. I loved that rod but guy that taught me to fish used St. Croix so for my next rod, I purchased a 5 wt. Did not really like that rod (maybe it was my inexperience at the time, I don’t know). After sever years I purchased the STS and have been a big Scott fan ever since. Great Rods made in the USA

  5. Jeff,

    Thanks for your input on the Scott Fly Rod Review. I appreciate your opinion on not needing to go up a weight on the G2 Series rods. Everyone likes their rods to feel and cast a certain way, and my reviews were intended to be viewed from an opinion standpoint only. I always recommend a fly angler to cast rods before they purchase them to make sure they are buying the right rod for themselves. Another important factor is to match your rod with the correct fly line. Scientific Anglers GPX fly lines actually are rated 1/2 size larger for a given weight line. With the technical action of the G2 Series I would not recommend matching up this line with the rod. The SA Trout Taper WF fly line would be a better match. One things for sure, Scott Fly Rods are great rods and I support them on and off the water 100%.

  6. I forgot to mention – great looking site, will visit often!

  7. I surfing the net and saw the comments my brother Jeff made about Scott Fly Rods. Well I have to say I am just as big a Scott Junkie as he is if not more. I have fished an S3 for a lot of years and I absolutely love that rod. I did break it but that was on an absolutely huge brown on the South Platte River (I think that fish would have broke a steel flagpole) . A month ago I bought a 9ft 5wt G2 to fill out my Scott arsenal and I love it. I can’t decide which I like better, the G2 or the S3. I will say Scott customer service is fantastic as they stood behind the S3 and quickly repaired it. I also own an 8ft 3wt A2 and a vintage original “G” 7’6″ 4wt. That rod is fun. Just this last weekend I was back on the South Platte with my G2 and I was using a heavily weighted double nymph rig and the rod performed perfectly, Plenty of power and a perfect tip for setting up on big fish without worrying about breaking the tippit. My son was using his Loomis and he busted off several on the hook set.

    I use A GPX line and I do agree with your assessment about that line. I think I will try the new Airflo Ridge Line for a better match to the G2.

  8. Helllo Kent,
    I ‘m a happy owner of a sott S4 906 since a few days.
    Beautiful rod, fast but nice action.
    Which line do yo recommend for this rod?
    Rio gold ,SA GPX, Wulff TT6 etc.

    Thanks for your answer.
    I can#t wait to go fishing with the rod.


  9. Joerg,

    I would go with either the Rio Grande fly line or with SA GPX, which both really are a half size larger then what they state. So a 5wt would be a 5 1/2 wt fly line. These two lines do a great job of loading faster action rods like the Scott S4, and allow anglers better control and loading of the rod especially during shorter distances.

  10. I want to know your opinion about the A3 SWITCH ROD #8 11″
    Sincerely yours
    pablo ferro

  11. Pablo,

    My honest opinion on all the Scott A3 fly rods have blown me away, especially the great pricing. They are medium to fast action rods that have enough punch to really get your line out there with little effort. You really can’t go wrong with any of the A3 fly rods. I recently fished the A3 8wt 8’0″ with a intermediate line streamer fishing on a small river and it rocked.

  12. Just purchased the S4 from the Fish Hawk. Fished it last night on the Hiwassee. Not sure if I want to test the G2…..I won’t be able to resist buying it if it impresses me like the S4. It does not seem to really be that fast and bear in mind I’m just above the novice stage but when I got home and looked at the Scott catalog it is listed as a fast action though the chart seems to indicate the lower end of fast. Is that correct? Next guided trip is the Tuckasegee in NC mostly fishing for smallmouth and this rod should be great for that.

  13. Jeff,
    ABSOLUTE beginning fly fisherman starting late in life. Was looking for a rod that I could afford and came across your site at the same time I saw an ad for a Scott G2. I’m not sure how old it is, but it is a 2-piece, 9 foot, 6 weight; super looking. Have not had casting lesson yet. Obviously need reel and line. Any suggestions based on my data? Thanks, Joseph (Washington State).

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