Spring is Here, Fishing is Hot

Posted By on March 27, 2012

Toccoa River Tailwater Fishing 

Spring is hear, the fishing is hot, but it feels like summer already. The unusually warm weather has some of our hatches showing up early. We encourage all you anglers out there who love May for the sulphurs and cahill hatch to consider moving your trips up to April. The way things are looking that’s going to be the best month this year on the Toccoa River for dry fly fishing. Then again, you can always throw meat and have a shot at a trophy fish. Just ask Ben Archibald who landed this nice 20+ inch rainbow trout on a big streamer with guide, Dell Neighbors. Caddis, midges, and a few hendricksons have been seen. I’ve heard reports this week that people have seen a few sulphurs and cahill’s on the Toccoa River as well. I know on the hooch just south of us they have already started making an appearance.

Noontootla Creek Farms

Continuing rainfall has our streams and rivers running high. Trout are really active on our private waters. This nice trout above was taken by John Wimbish at Noontootla Creek farms. That day he landed 25″ and 23″ trophies and was a happy camper to say the least. Just so everyone knows, NCF isn’t shooting fish in a barrel. There are days when the fishing is epic and the strike zone is big, when you can land 30+ fish a day easy. But then there are days when you really have to work for the fish. Either way, in our opinion it’s worth spending a day over there, for the beauty of the stream and resident wild trout, and the reward of fooling these wily fish. It’s one of the best small streams in the area for anglers to really brush up on their skills. You can go to other private water in the state that will have 30-40 fish in a hole, sometimes even more, and you can end up catching more fish, but you won’t walk away from the trip with as much knowledge as you will as if you went to NCF. That’s my two cents, being that I’m two miles from NCF and have guided on almost all the private water in Georgia you can be confident the information is accurate.


New Private Water Access for Reel Job Fishing Clients

We do have some new private waters that we aren’t marketing because as soon as our competitors find our they’ll be beating down the doors to try to get in the action. If you’ve fished NCF or the Toccoa River quite a bit and you want to try something different please give us a call and we’ll take the time to talk about our other fishing locations. We won’t be booking a ton of trips on these new private water locations. Our goal as well as the owners is to keep the fishing pressure low, that way every client is sure to have amazing fishing experience. Give us a call soon if you want to be one of the lucky ones who gets to fish these virgin waters.

Guided Bass Fishing with Eric Welch

For all you bass fisherman out there we’re happy to inform you that you can’t go wrong to hit any lake right now. Fishing is super hot on all of our lakes, and many of the bass are already in pre-spawn or in the middle of spawning. Eric Welch is catching great numbers of bass.  Eric has been talking with professional tournament and fishing show host, Joe Thomas of Reel in the Outdoors on  showcasing our great mountain lake fishing. We’re really proud of Eric and want you all to know he is with out a doubt, the most qualified bass fishing guide in the Tri-State area. If you want to learn how to catch more bass, Eric is the perfect guide to help you accomplish that, and he’s great with kids. This is the time of year for trophy size bass. Book your trips now while availability lasts.

That’s about it for a quick summary on what’s going on with Reel Job Fishing and the fishing in our area. As always, we thank you all for supporting us and allowing us to be full-time professional guides. We look forward to fishing with many of you again this season.

Keep it Reel,

Reel Job Fishing, LLC
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