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Posted By on October 5, 2010

I’ve recently changed my fly box arsenal for my fishing and guiding. I’ve primarily switched to using slim magnetic fly boxes. They’ve really proven themselves functional on the water and much easier to carry in my packs. Check out this quick tip that I think will get you thinking about making the same move I already have.

Slim magnetic fly boxes offer great options for fly anglers.

Magnetic fly boxes work great for small fly patterns.

I don’t know about you but I really get tired of trying to secure those tiny nymph and midge fly patterns in fly boxes with the tiny slits. I always end up with a bunch of flies floating around my fly box and losing some in the process as well. Incorporating the use of magnetic fly boxes makes tiny fly patterns much more manageable. These slim style fly boxes allow me to carry more while using up much less space. That means your packs and vests won’t be so jam packed and you’ll have more room for other gear to store. They also have allowed me to better organize my patterns.

If your interested in trying these fly boxes out, I’ve provided some available options below with manufacturers.

C & F Design Fly Boxes

C & F Magnetic Hook Pallet

C & F makes these slim magnetic boxes for storing terminal fly tying materials.  They work great for storing your small flies though.  They also offer three different model sizes that will work great for you.

Anglers Image Ultra-Thin Fly & Hook Boxes

Anglers Image Products by Wapsi, has a very similar product line just like C &F that’s used for fly and hook storage. They’ve got a lightning hook assortment option, that to me, offers the best deal since it comes with a very nice assortment of hooks that you can use for your tying as well. I like to transfer the hooks to another holding container and then add my flies to the boxes.

Cliff Outdoors

Cliff Super Days Worth Fly Box

Cliff does not offer the same slim profile fly boxes but they do offer a magnetic model that can serve somewhat of the same purpose. Most fly shops carry this product in inventory on a regular basis.

Hopefully this quick tip will be helpful and provide you with a smarter fly box system to store your fly patterns. For all my local angling friends that are ready to make this fly box switch, please visit The Fish Hawk in Atlanta that carry the above mentioned product lines.

Keep it Reel,

Capt. Kent Klewein
Reel Job Fishing, LLC
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