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Posted By on March 25, 2013

This past week I got to guide, yet another Georgia Women’s Fly Fishers club member that was a true pleasure. Eileen showed up ready to learn and she also brought with her some great skills that’s she’s picked up from her friends and past guides. We focused on having a great time and going over the finer points of small stream trout fishing. It was a grand day, with crazy fish fights that had us chasing fish up and down stream, and some of those were dandy trout in deed. Thank you Eileen for allowing Reel Job Fishing to guide you.

This beautiful stream bred rainbow was a trip maker. We sight fished to it holding on the bottom of a pool for about 15 minutes until we changed flies and the hen eagerly swam over and ate Eileen’s nymph. It was a action packed battle that provided us a fish memory neither of us will soon forget.

This wild brown was icing on the cake for Eileen and I. It was holding on the inside edge of a riffle next to a boulder. By the time we landed this wild brown we were all worn out. These guys don’t come around all that often, so when they do, we cherish them and take extra care to revive and release them. Congrats to Eileen for a wonderful day on the water. I don’t know what it is about those GA Women Fly Fishers, but they got some mad skills and are cool as cucumbers.

If you’re interested in catching some trophies like the ones above, please give Reel Job Fishing a call. Fishing is pretty darn good right now.

Keep it Reel,

Kent Klewein
Reel Job Fishing, LLC
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